Play Megajacks Video Poker

Megajacks is a thrilling online videopoker game that’s based on the classic game of jacks. Unlike other video poker games such as 10’s or Better and Deuces Wild, Megajacks offers players the chance to win a mega progressive jackpot!

How to play online Megajacks at

If you play Megajacks, you'll begin by placing your bet. You can bet one coin at a time or you can ‘Bet Max’ – the maximum bet is 5 coins at a time. The progressive jackpot is only available to players who bet the maximum of 5 coins, or a $1 bet per spin.

If you place a bet, continue by clicking on the ‘Deal’ button, which will give you your 5 cards, face-up. Click on the cards that you want to keep in your hand and then click ‘Deal’ again to replace the cards that you'd like to trade in. When the new cards are revealed, you'll see your final hand and a winning combination will be determined if possible. If you receive no winning combination, then the round is over.

If you win, you'll have the option to move to a bonus round. During this gambling bonus, you'll be shown a card and be asked to choose another card from a selection of face-down cards. If your card is higher than the original, then your winnings from your last hand will be doubled. If it's lower, though, then you'll lose these winnings. The bonus round is completely optional.

Megajacks progressive jackpot

Each time you place a bet, a percentage of your bet will be placed into the progressive jackpot pool. You'll see the current amount of the jackpot at the top of your computer screen. You'll win the jackpot if you land a Royal Flush while betting a maximum bet of 5 coins.

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