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Everyone has an opinion on who is the greatest footballer of all time. You may think it’s Pele, Maybe you think it’s Johan Cruyff or perhaps even Sir Bobby Charlton. Well, now in this amazing addition to our online casino collection you can pit the world’s best ever footballers against each other to see who comes out top! It’s a real football fantasy as players from different eras go up against one another to claim a permanent place on the football wall of fame. You will remember exactly what made these players the best of the best as they compete in the most important game of their career!

You’ll feel like man of the match!

Top Trumps is a card game that was invented in 1968. Each pack has a different theme ranging from characters in a famous film, to trucks to helicopters. Every card in the pack has a set of stats and players use those stats to compete against each other. The simple yet exciting gameplay meant that Top Trumps was a huge success in playgrounds across the country and has led to more than a few heated discussions as to what beats what! This slots experience blends all the fun of Top Trumps with the passion and poetry of world class international football. It’s an officially licensed extravaganza of the beautiful game and anyone who love football or fondly remembers playing Top Trumps as a child is sure to have a lot of fun here. To make it even more exciting we are happy to be able to offer new players a free welcome bonus that can be used with any of our online casino games.

The beautiful game

Top Trumps Football Legends is a fantastic 5 reel, 15 payline online slots experience that pits footballing legends throughout history against each other in the ultimate contest to see who is the most outstanding, talented player of all time. If you want all the fun of Top Trumps and of a superlative online slots game, then you will love the up to date features. There are scatter and wild symbols and bonus features that will have you choosing the greatest footballers for your own personal wall of fame. Each footballer you choose is worth a cash prize so be careful who you choose and good luck finding out once and for all who is the real Top trump!