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‘One for all, and all for one!’ Goes the battle cry of the three Musketeers, the heroic members of the king’s guard in Paris. Join Porthos, Athos and Aramis as they duel with wicked enemies and protect the Queen’s diamond from the sneaky Milady. All kinds of swashbuckling adventures await the Musketeers and it’s not only fighting as there’s plenty of wine, women and song to experience too! You are the last line of defence in protecting the queen’s riches, it’s going to an exciting fight alright, but don’t worry, you have the chance to be greatly rewarded for your efforts. You will feel as if you are a part of this fantastic adventure story as you play this charming and fun addition to our online casino.

Seek hazardous adventures!

The Three Musketeers and D’Artagnan are the heroes of Alexandre Dumas famous adventure novel. It’s a story of intrigue, bravery and treachery and it is such a popular tale that it has been retold in films, television shows, cartoons and computer games. The Musketeers battle against the wicked Cardinal Richelieu, his soldiers and network of spies. The Cardinal steals the queen's diamonds in an attempt to start a war between France and England and it’s up to the plucky Musketeers to retrieve the diamonds and save the day! Join the adventure, find the diamond and save your country! Every soldier needs supplies and we are happy to be able to offer new players a free welcome bonus that can be used with any of our online casino games. Mon dieu!

A queen’s best friend.

The Three Musketeers and the Queen’s Diamond is a exciting and fun online slots game that recreates the classic tale with great funny graphics and animations and a rousing soundtrack. It’s a modern 5 reel, 50 payline game that has all the extra features a Musketeer could wish for! Wild symbols, scatter symbols, free spins, multipliers and bonus games they are all crammed into this to make a game brimming with adventure! Match Porthos with his sword, Athos with his muskets and Aramis with his daggers to trigger humorous animations and amazing bonus features. Even if you have never read the story you won’t fail to be enchanted by this tale of valour and bravery, get ready to serve the queen, and if you are lucky, reap some amazing rewards.