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Join our mob and feel like a made man. This thrilling addition to our online casino collection will put you right smack dab in the middle of life as a Mafia crime boss. You’ll be living la dolce vita as you step into the shoes of New Jersey’s most famous crime family. If you want a slots that’s filled with action and excitement, but are worried about being on the wrong side of the law fuggedaboutit! This slots game will give you all the thrills and spills of a life of crime and there’s no risk of getting fingered and doing a 10 stretch! None at all! Pour yourself a glass of cognac, light that huge Havana you’ve been saving and act like a goodfella. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a pair of cement shoes as you can play this right now, in the comfort of your own home! Now there's an offer you can’t refuse!

There’s no getting out.

The Sopranos is one of the most successful TV shows ever. It follows the life of Italian American mobster Tony Soprano as he tries to make sense of his life as a crime boss and balances his home and ‘professional’ lives. The Sopranos ran for 6 years and won a huge amount of awards. It’s spawned computer games, books and all sorts of merchandise. It seems that people just can’t get enough of it. Now you can experience some of that magic for yourself with this sensational slot. It doesn’t matter if you’re a made man or a wiseguy, you are sure to find something to squeal about here. And as an added attraction to new players, we are offering them a free welcome bonus that can be used on any of our online casino games, no strings attached!

Slots. Redefined.

The Sopranos is a lavish online slots game that gives you the experience of being the boss of the most famous TV mob family ever. You will feel like the godfather as you pit family against family and stay one step ahead of the feds. This is a fully featured 5 reel 25 payline slot that has more sauce than your mama’s meatballs. There are wild and scatter symbols, multipliers, free spins and four, count them, four different bonus games! Badabing! You can finally see if you have what it takes to move up the ranks and become a capo! The Sopranos is an officially licensed slots game, meaning it really does feel like an episode of the much loved TV show. Graphics, music and sound effects will make you feel like you are deep in New Jersey Mob territory and the characters and clips from the show will have you experiencing the greatness all over again! This game is the Boss!