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Under the protection of the watchful eye of Horus the Ancient Egyptians lived their lives. They fought and loved and created amazing structures, the exact details of which are still unknown today. If you’ve ever wanted to travel to exotic Cairo and see the pyramids for yourself, or if you’ve ever wondered what life was like in the era of Cleopatra, then this is the slot for you. Perhaps you will discover ancient hidden treasures, or read strange hieroglyphics. If so the adventure begins now in slot form, and you won’t even need to take one step outside of your house. You can do it all from our amazing online casino, so let your fingers do the walking like an Egyptian.

Pharaoh’s fair

The ancient Egyptian civilisation was even older than the Romans and Ramesses ruled over this powerful and advanced region in around 1300 BC. The Egyptians were technologically advanced, the wrote on Papyrus and used irrigation to water their crops. The most amazing of all the creations of Ramesses was his Pyramids, huge burial structures that would ensure that the kings and queens buried inside would be remembered forever. Many people have attempted to decipher the mysteries of the pyramids, believing that they contained priceless treasures. Many incredibly rare things have been discovered within, but there is still more to be discovered. Maybe this game will help reveals some of the puzzles of the pyramids. To help you set out on your quest we are offering a free welcome bonus to new players. This great bonus can be used with any of our online casino games!

Just toot and come in.

The Pyramid of Ramesses is a luxurious 5 reel 25 payline online slots game that will let you experience the richness and excitement of life in ancient Egypt. The game has all the most advanced features, including scatter and wild symbols and bonus games. The jewel of this game is the progressive jackpot which when activated can result in some truly epic jackpots! Keep your eye out for the pyramid symbols for all the extra features, and if you feel like pressing your luck there’s also a gambling minigame that will have you choosing playing cards for more bonus features. It doesn’t matter if you are an expert on Egypt or are more comfortable with pyramid teabags, it’s easy to play this fun slots game!