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If you’re a fan of sugary delights, then the Sweet Party slot by Playtech could be the one you’ve been waiting for. The game is one of the more unique creations by this provider too. Candies like gummy bears and bubblegum are shaken up inside a jar full of treats, and combinations are then revealed in the blink of an eye.

Technically speaking, the Sweet Party slot doesn’t follow a traditional slot-spinning system seen with our many slots categories. It’s simply a case of picking the right bet size, shaking up the jar of candy, and then seeing how many you can consume. Sink enough of them and you might even score the 5000x top prize!

Sweet Party Sweet Party Sweet Party

Key Features

Although the grid structure with Sweet Party follows a 5x5 layout, it doesn’t function quite like other Playtech slots. There is no smooth reel spin that slides fresh symbols into view, and there is no need to combine symbols in a line to score a payout either. Given these unique traits, it’s all the more important to grasp the fundamentals so that you know what lies ahead:

  • RTP: 93.98%
  • Volatility: Medium
  • Game Provider: Playtech
  • Game Type: 5x5, 25 paylines, Cluster Pays
  • Game Theme: Food
  • Wager Limits: $1-$10

Rules and Payouts

Here the rules that your parents may have reinforced regarding candy consumption are thrown right out of the window. In fact, with the Sweet Party slot game, the more candy you destroy, the better the rewards will be, and there is no need to worry about the side effects!

As for the key features, you can glance through them below:

  • How to play

The first thing you need to do here is select the most appropriate bet size for your balance. This can vary from $1 all the way up to $10 on a single spin. Once this is done, it’s time to hit spin to shake up the jar of candy. Group the various candies together and a nice payout might be waiting for you - as long as you produce at least five matching symbols in the same region on a single spin.

  • Key symbols

    The Sweet Party only has six symbols, which is far fewer than slots tend to have with a 5x5 layout. Of course, the subsequent symbols vary in terms of their value too. If you want to know where the top rewards lie, check out the high- and low-value symbols below:

    • Standard (High): Red and white candy, gummy bear, star
    • Standard (Low): Bubblegum, jelly bean, yellow ring
    • Wild: N/A
  • Payouts

The base game payouts for the Sweet Party are rather remarkable, to tell you the truth. The highest win possible is 5000x in the base game, as produced by grouping together 16+ gummy bears. However, payouts of numerous other values are floating around with each spin too.

Here are the exact payouts for the possible combinations:

- Yellow ring Jelly bean Bubblegum Star Gummy bear Red & white sweet
16+ on a payline 50 100 500 1000 5000 Jackpot
15 on a payline 25 75 250 500 1000 Jackpot
14 on a payline 12.5 50 150 250 500 Jackpot
13 on a payline 7.5 25 100 150 250 Jackpot
12 on a payline 4.5 15 50 100 200 Jackpot
11 on a payline 3 8 25 75 150 Jackpot
10 on a payline 2 4 15 50 125 Jackpot
9 on a payline 1.5 2 10 25 100 Jackpot
8 on a payline 1 1.2 7 15 50 Jackpot
7 on a payline 0.8 1 3.5 10 25 2000
6 on a payline 0.6 0.7 2 5 12.5 500
5 on a payline 0.4 0.5 1 2 7.5 50

Bonus Features

Despite the fast-paced appearance of symbols in this game and the removal of standard reel spins, there are two great bonuses lurking within. Details of both are given below:

  • Progressive jackpot

That’s right - the Sweet Party slot has a progressive jackpot within the game itself. Each time you reveal a fresh batch of candy that fails to produce a win, the jackpot value creeps gradually higher. In fact, the jackpot starts out at 5000x your stake, which is the largest win in the base game. If you’re wondering how it’s won, this links together with the other bonus feature:

  • Symbol drops

When you land a winning spin with Sweet Party, new symbols will drop from above to fill the gaps where the winning symbols have burst. This is a form of cascading reel/re-spin feature, and it could serve you very well.

Essentially, each time fresh symbols enter the reels and produce a win, your Sweet Party meter at the side will move higher up the pole. If you go all the way up, the jackpot will be won. Again, while there are 25 paylines, you’ve got the cluster pays mechanic to help produce repeated wins.

Play Sweet Party for Real Money

Like what you’ve seen here? We would be surprised if you weren’t at least intrigued as to what this game has in store. To get some skin in the game, you can register with through the links provided. Make sure you redeem your welcome offer when signing up too, as this bonus is an absolute steal at the moment!