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The Book of One Thousand and One Nights is a collection of classic folk stories compiled in Arabic during the Islamic Golden Age from the eighth to the 13th century. One familiar story was added to the collection by French translators in the early 18th century and probably forms the basis of this cheery and uncomplicated slot: Aladdin’s Wonderful Lamp - a tale which does not actually have Arabic roots! But we don’t really care about the source of this tale because all we are concerned about is how to get our hands on the Sultan’s gold that he is hiding behind the palace walls. If it’s jewels, gold or just hard cash you’re interested in, then hop aboard the magic carpet at online casino and let us take you on an adventurous ride to the Middle East where the promise of treasure and untold riches await the lucky ones.

Experience the magic of the east

Most of us are familiar with the tale of Aladdin and the genie that transforms the young man into a rich and powerful figure. There may not be a cave laden with gold and jewels in this slot or Aladdin himself but many elements of the 1992 film version appear loosely here as symbols such as the lamp, a belly-dancing Princess Jasmine and a wonderful white-walled and golden-domed palace, which also acts as the scatter and the wild symbol. There is also a scimitar and the Sultan himself sporting a magnificent moustache and a gemstone set in the middle of his snow-white turban. This atmospheric five-reel 20-payline slot is made all the more evocative by the rhythmic drums that sound during each spin. You won’t get to see the mysterious genie of the lamp that transformed the life of Aladdin but we have sprinkled a little bit of extra magic into this romantic tale because all newcomers to online casino games will benefit from a 100% up to $/€400 (plus 200 free spins) welcome bonus.

Palace walls hold key to success

The palace dominates the landscape of this slot and if you are to unlock its hidden riches then you will need to get beyond those high wooden gates at the top of those red-carpeted steps. Land three or more of the palace scatter symbols and you have just triggered the bonus game which offers 10 free spins and an additional expanding scatter which is randomly picked at the beginning of each round. You don’t need a genie to appear like a puff of smoke out of a brass lamp to bring you a pile of gold because all the magic and mystery is here in online slots.