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We are getting the lads back together for one last job. We’ve got the blueprints and the inside man, but we are short on a Safecracker and we think you are just right for the job. There’s a tidy bit of loot hidden away in the vaults of the bank, you’ll have a chance to get your fair share if your skills are up to the job, bring all your tools of the trade and we will make sure you’ll make a clean getaway. ‘Aint no one doing any porridge because of us! This thrilling addition to our online casino will have you taking part in a daring bank job that could turn us all into made men. Don’t worry, this one’s sweet as a nut, there’s no chance of going to chokey as this is all above board, you just need to click and play!

You are only supposed to blow the doors off!

As long as there have been safes in which to hide the good stuff there have been people dedicated to opening them to get at all that lucre inside. There are all sorts of ways to crack a safe, from guessing the combination, to copying the key, all the way to getting down and dirty with a crowbar and some dynamite. The end result is the same, pockets full of cash and a quick getaway! You will have to have nerves of steel and a steady hand to into our safe. But don’t worry if you have never tried before we are happy to help new players out in the form of a free welcome bonus that can be used in any of our online casino games. If everything goes to plan we’ll be living the good life on the Costa Del Sol quicker than you can say “bank job”.

Make a clean getaway!

Safecracker is a classic 3 reel 1 payline online slots game based around a tense session of Breaking and Entering. You won’t feel the long arm of the law, but you will experience incredibly realistic graphics and sound effects that will make you feel like you are part of a classic heist movie. To keep things interesting there’s a progressive jackpot, and if you manage to match 3 keys the safe will open and you can choose from boxes of loot in the great bonus round. By keeping things simple, this game will appeal to both beginners and old hands alike. Play it right now to see if you have what it takes to crack that safe!