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I’m not going to ham it up, it’s just snout my style. If you thought fairy tales were a load of boaring old porkies then prepare to be surprised as this game really does bring home the bacon. We guarantee that you haven’t played a game like this before, and even if you haven’t heard the fable in a sausage you won’t be swining with this great addition to our online casino. It’s a lard of fun, and the best thing is that you can play it right here on your computer, so you won’t even have to worry about anyone hogging all the fun.

Ham it up

It might be a long time since you’ve heard the fairy tale about the three little pigs, but everyone remembers this classic fable. The story goes that a wolf came across a little pig who lived in a house made of straw, he was hungry so he blew down the house to get at the pig, the pig ran to his brother’s house which was made of wood and the same thing happened again. This time both pigs ran to their brother’s house that was made of bricks. The wolf couldn’t blow this one down and so tried climbing in via the chimney. Of course the pigs knew what was happening and caught the wolf in a pot of boiling water and they lived happily ever-after. Now we can’t promise you that with our slot, but we can help new players on this flight of fancy with a free welcome bonus that can be used with any of our online casino games.

A Fairy tale of a game

Piggies and the Wolf is a colourful, cartoony online slots game based on the classic fairy tale. It brings the story to life with amazing animated graphics and jolly sound effects, and it’s really something special. It’s a 5 reel, 50 payline slot that’s fully featured with Scatter symbols, wild symbols and a fun bonus game that will have you taking on the wolf as he tries to blow down the piggies’ houses and make off with all their loot! While you are playing keep an eye out for the pig symbols as they are worth a lot of scratchings! Add in the usual multipliers and free spins and you’re left with an amazing slots game that you will be telling tales about for years to come!