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Magic Slots is a fast-paced and simple online slot from Playtech. It features a three-reel game board with a single payline running through the middle of it. There is a small number of features included in the game, but it also boasts a fantastic progressive jackpot system. This provides players with much more than most standard classic-style video slots. The visuals and sounds are also of the highest quality, which is to be expected with Playtech titles. On the whole, at first glance Magic Slots is a game with a lot of potential, but you can learn much more about it in this detailed guide. You’ll find out everything you need to know here at

Main Features

Magic Slots includes the following impressive features:

  • Game Type: 3 reels, 3 rows, and 1 payline
  • Return to Player (RTP): 95.12%
  • Volatility: Medium to High
  • Theme: Magic Show
  • Release Year: 2014

Play for Real Money

One of the most exciting parts of Magic Slots is the opportunity to walk away with a win from a generous progressive jackpot. If you want to have a chance at winning this prize, you will need to play for real money. Here at, we make this a simple process for every single player. All you need to do is choose a bonus from our promotions page, create your account, and fund it. After all this, you can be playing in next to no time. It’s really that simple. If you want to try to get your hands on that progressive jackpot without delay, just click the image below to start playing Magic Slots at


The maximum win in the Magic Slots base game is 2,000 coins. You can achieve this by betting with two coins and then filling up the payline with top hat symbols. This works out at 1,000 times your stake, which is quite a decent payout. However, there is another win available, and it’s fair to say it eclipses this. This can be won when you land a full payline of top hats and you’re playing on the maximum bet with three coins active per payline. This jackpot will keep rising as it is won, and there’s no upper limit for the amount it can reach.


  • Coin size: The minimum coin value for is $0.25. The maximum coin value is $5.00. Players can bet up to three coins on the game's single payline. This means that the minimum wager is $0.25 and the maximum wager is $15.00.
  • Symbols: The symbols for Magic Slots are all based around different magic items and classic slot symbols.
  • Main: Top Hat, Ring, Dice
  • Standard: 3 Bar, 2 Bar, 1 Bar
  • Special: Wand

The payouts are based on the coin value:

Symbol 1 coin on a payline 2 coins on a payline 3 coins on a payline
Top Hat 1,000 2,000 Jackpot
Ring 500 1,000 1,500
Dice 200 400 600
3 Bar 200 400 600
2 Bar 100 200 300
1 Bar 50 100 150
Any Bar 10 20 30
Two Dice 10 20 30
Three Dice 2 4 6
Wand - - -

Magic Slots is a very simple slot game for beginners, thanks to the single payline and just three reels. There are two features that help to set it apart from other simple slot titles on the market. The first is the wand symbol: whenever three of these appear on a payline when the maximum bet is played, a bonus feature will begin. This will show four top hats on the screen, with each one hiding a different instant win value.

The second feature is the progressive jackpot. This is awarded when the maximum bet is in play and three coins are chosen, and three top hats then land on a payline. There’s no upper limit to the progressive jackpot, so if it hasn’t been won for a while this can be quite a big payout.

Software and Mobile Experience

Magic Slots is a great game for mobile players to dive into. It has great scaling, which means that the images look amazing on a variety of different mobile screens. It’s also been fully-optimized to ensure that the speed of the game maintains a good level.

On the whole, it’s a fantastic conversion that will provide mobile players with the full desktop experience. If you like playing on mobile, Magic Slots is well worth a try here at


Magic Slots provides players with quite a lot for such a simple game. It has a bonus feature, which is very rare for single payline titles, as well as a progressive jackpot. Because these come into play with the maximum bet active, it means that the RTP of the game does increase slightly when playing at a max bet level. If you want to try Magic Slots and other games like it, make your way to our slot page and look over what we have to offer. We’ve built a terrific range of titles at, so it’s well worth browsing our games collection today.