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Little Britain remains a highly successful comedy sketch show written by Matt Lucas and David Walliams which took a sideways and often exaggerated view of life in mainly England and Wales. The over-the-top characters spawned many catchphrases which became very popular in Great Britain in the three years the programme aired between 2003-5 - although it has never gone away owing to the number of digital channels showing repeats! Five of the characters act as the higher symbols in this 30-payline slot which has more bonuses than the number of times Vicky Pollard says “yeah but, no but” in ten seconds - which, believe us, is a lot! Lucas and Walliams are the kings of comedy but there is so much more fun to discover at online casino, a place guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Dressing up has never been such fun!

Wheelchair-bound Andy and Lou, Dafydd (the only gay in the village), fat-fighter Marjorie, Emily and Vicky Pollard are all here to keep you entertained with their dotty antics all played out against the backdrop of the Union Flag just in case you weren’t sure where this slot is set! Tom Baker, who some players may recognise as the voice of Doctor Who from 1974-81, acts as a narrator in the slot just as he does in the series. We must warn you that when he announces in the intro that in Britain “the highest form of currency is the dog” he’s only joking - OK, maybe half joking. When you win a cash prize in the free spins bonus the characters come alive and play out clips from the programme. The fun never stops at online casino games so let this comic duo entertain you and we’ll throw a 100% up to $400 (plus 200 free spins) welcome Bonus into the bargain as well.

Bonus heaven awaits you at Little Britain

It’s bonus time galore at Little Britain, brought to you at online slots. You can win free spins or get involved in Anne’s wild bonus in which the psychiatric patient throws wilds at symbols on the last spin. Land a big win and Conservative political party supporter Judy will vomit up gold coins! It might be tasteless but who cares if this game coughs up cash! The Little Britain Bonus game is the main feature and when triggered by the required number of symbols you will get the chance to spin a wheel and choose one of five character-led bonus games: Vicky Pollard ASBO bonus, Lou and Andy’s Love It Bonus, Marjorie Dawes’ Fat Fighters Bonus, Dafydd’s Big Gay Bonus and Emily Howard’s Lady Things Bonus. Even if you haven’t seen the show before the number of bonuses will keep you enthralled and possibly give you a giggle or two as well.