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The mysterious Skull Island is the setting for this multi-dimensional slot which is based on the 2005 film starring Naomi Watts, Jack Black and Adrien Brody. Trace the footsteps of vaudeville actress Ann Darrow, playwright Jack Driscoll, troubled filmmaker Carl Denham, captain Englehorn and the rest of the crew as they undertake a dangerous voyage in a tramp steamer in a mysterious part of the world. Ann is kidnapped by the angry natives and is offered as a sacrifice to a giant gorilla named Kong, who weirdly falls for her. As we all know Kong is eventually kidnapped himself by Denham, taken to the USA and used as an exhibit in New York where he is unveiled as Kong: Eighth Wonder of the World. Of course, that’s when all the mayhem begins! There is so much happening in Kong we don’t know where to start so if you’re looking for more than the beat of just one drum online casino is the place for you.

Kong delivers double delight

Two worlds collide in this dramatic five-reel 20-payline extravaganza which may well prompt you to start beating your chest while standing on top of the kitchen table at some point, such is the power it holds over players. The characters experience many hairy moments during their trip on Voyager and you will get double the enjoyment playing Kong because there are two modes: Jungle and Big City. The game naturally starts off in the jungle but once a scatter win is generated play automatically switches to the Big Apple and vice versa. You don’t need to be half way up the Empire State Building to play Kong, simply get on at online casino games and check out what else we have to offer while you’re there. One thing you’ll find is a 100% up to $400 (plus 200 free spins) welcome Bonus for new players.

Jungle fever strikes in wild escapade

There are two bonus features in Jungle mode and they are a great escape from the main game. The first is the Wild Jungle Respins, triggered by three Kong wild symbols. You will be awarded free spins and if you land any wilds they will stick for the rest of the mini-game. Activate three Kong logo scatters and you will enter the second feature, the Skull Island bonus in which you are presented with a map of the island and a number of locations. Match three creatures and a cash prize is yours or find King Kong and a big pay day awaits! In Big City mode there is a great feature which involves Kong perched on top of the Empire State Building picking off planes to win a cash prize. Kong is a super caper and you can find more of the same in online slots.