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Halloween is the scariest night of the year, a night when spooks and spectres come out of hiding and most definitely a favourite night for wicked witches! Everyone knows that all witches mix strange bubbling potions, have black cats and fly around the place on broomsticks. Not all witches are of the ugly crone variety though, and the witches featured on this fun online casino game are both naughty and nice! You’ll definitely fall for their charms as these seductive sorceresses cast their spells and go looking for all the perfect ingredients for a night filled with magical mischief!

Have some Spooky fun with this slot!

Witches are said to have existed since prehistoric times, and many tales have been told of magical women who could cast spells on their unsuspecting victims. In the middle ages a woman suspected of being a witch could be drowned and to this day there are people in the world who fear these spellbinding sirens. We’ll have nothing of the sort here though, as our witches are definitely the good kind. This trio of temptresses are just here for some fun and games and maybe they’ll teach you a thing or two about mixing up a brew! You can go looking for a Halloween Fortune any night of the year and as a welcome to all our new players we are offering a magical welcome bonus that can be used in any of our online casino games. If you didn’t know witch slots game to try, then come and mix up some fun in the Halloween Fortune cauldron.

A real witches brew!

Halloween Fortune is a saucy 5 reel 20 payline online slots game loosely based on that spooky holiday. The colourful graphics and enchanting soundtrack really sets the mood as you go on a real life witch hunt! There are scatter and wild symbols and bonus features all represented by suitably spooky cartoons. To score high and get those bonus features, you’ll need to be on the lookout for lucky black cats, potions, Jack o’ lanterns and of course the well formed witches themselves! It’s so much fun to play you can see for yourself that this game is most definitely not a trick as we will treat you to a night of fun and frolics with some fantastic femme fatales!