Play Emojiplanet Video Slot


Everywhere you look these days, and you’ll see the familiar Emojis staring back and letting you know everybody’s mood. It’s time to put n the smile emoji, or perhaps the Cash Emoji when you play the Emojiplanet Slot at this casino.

NetEnt did a brilliant job in designing this game to appear like a mobile app instead of a casino game, using a 5x6 grid instead of the traditional reels. After every win, the winning emojis fall off the grid, and new ones fall into place. This is called the Avalanche feature, and it can create multiple wins with every spin.

Game Features

  • Game Type: 5 reels, 6 rows, cluster pays
  • RTP: 96.40%
  • Volatility: Medium
  • Provider: Netent
  • Theme: Emojis, Cartoon
  • Release Year: 2017
  Laughing face Alien Poo Rocket Lips Pizza Bomb Blue Hearts
30 10,000x 5,000x 4,500x 2,000x 2,000x 2,000x 1,800x 1,800x
29 9,000X 4,000x 3,900x 1,600x 1,600x 1,600x 1,500x 1,500x
28 8,000x 3,500x 3,400x 1,400x 1,400x 1,400x 1,300x 1,300x
27 7,000x 3,000x 2,900x 1,300x 1,300x 1,300x 1,200x 1,200x
26 6,000x 2,500x 2,400x 1,200x 1,200x 1,200x 1,100x 1,100x
25 5,000x 2,200x 2,150x 1,100x 1,100x 1,100x 1,050x 1,050x
24 4,000x 2,000x 1,900x 1,000x 1,000x 1,000x 950x 950x
23 3,500x 1,800x 1,700x 900x 900x 900x 860x 860x
22 3,000x 1,600x 1,500x 800x 800x 800x 760x 760x
21 2,500x 1,300x 1,200x 700x 700x 700x 660x 660x
20 2,000x 1,000x 900x 600x 600x 600x 560x 560x
19 1,500x 750x 700x 500x 500x 500x 460x 460x
18 1,200x 600x 550x 400x 400x 400x 360x 360x
17 900x 460x 440x 32x 32x 32x 300x 300x
16 650x 380x 360x 260x 260x 260x 240x 240x
15 500x 300x 280x 200x 200x 200x 180x 180x
14 400x 250x 230x 160x 160x 160x 140x 140x
13 300x 200x 180x 120x 120x 120x 100x 100x
12 250x 175x 150x 90x 90x 90x 75x 75x
11 220x 150x 120x 60x 60x 60x 50x 50x
10 200x 120x 100x 50x 50x 50x 40x 40x
9 150x 100x 80x 40x 40x 40x 30x 30x
8 100x 80x 60x 30x 30x 30x 20x 20x
7 80x 60x 40x 20x 20x 20x 15x 15x
6 60x 40x 30x 15x 15x 15x 10x 10x
5 40x 30x 20x 10x 10x 10x 5x 5x


The crying emoji must be shedding tears of joy because it’s the key to winning a $1,000,000 jackpot. You will need a few things to right to win this kind of money, starting with making the $200 bet, and getting 30 of these emojis on the board will create a payout of 10,000x the line bet. It will also trigger the avalanche feature, and it has a cap of $1,000,000 per spin.


There are no paylines in the Emojiplanet. All wins are created when there are at least 5 symbols adjacent to each other anywhere on the board. Those symbols will then trigger the avalanche feature and fall away allowing for other symbols to move on the board

  • Coins: Place your bet by choosing from 7 coins, ranging from 1p to $1. You can increase the size of your bet, increasing the Bet Level from 1-10. Each bet will also be multiplied 20 times to account for the ways to win. Therefore the overall minimum bet is 20p, and the maximum bet is $200.
  • Symbols: You’ll find 8 popular emojis on the gameboard, with the crying emoji having a top payout of 10,000 times the line bet. The other emoji are the alien head, poo, rocket, lips, pizza, bomb, and blue hearts. They will all payout when you have clusters between 5 – 30, and the bigger the cluster, the larger the payout. You can see the complete paytable in the chart below.
  • Wild: The wild symbol is a star with WILD written across the center. It can appear on any reel and substitute for any symbol to create a win.
  • Scatter: There is no scatter symbol in Emojiplanet
  • Bonus Features: After any win that involves the bomb, pizza, lips, rocket, or blue heart emoji will begin filling a meter. It takes 12 symbols to fill the meter, and when that happens, it will trigger a bonus modifier. All the symbols must enter the meter during a single spin, and the following wins from the avalanche feature. The modifiers are:
    • Bomb: There are 8 bomb symbols that are placed randomly on the board. They will simultaneously explode and remove the symbols surrounding them. For every symbol that is destroyed, you will win up to 100x the line bet.
    • Pizza: A large 3x3 pizza symbol will cover 9 symbols and transform them into a matching cluster.
    • Rocket: The rocket symbol will blast off, leaving 10 wild symbols on the board.
    • Blue Heart: Combine the total wins from the spin and the following avalanches and apply a multiplier that matches the number of times the blue heart meter was filled, plus 1x.
    • Lips: This will add 3 sticky wild symbols to random spaces on the board. The wild will stick long enough to take part in 3 wins.

Play for Real Money

If you want to have a chance at winning real money by playing this game, you will need to create an account and make a deposit. Many different payment methods are accepted here, making it safe and convenient to get started. Once the money has been transferred to your account, you will receive a Welcome Bonus and the chance to win real cash playing Slot Game.

Software and Mobile Experience

As a part of the NetNet Touch collection, Emojiplanet was designed to work with mobile devices regardless of screen size. As one would expect from a NetEnt game, it uses high-quality images and animation, all of which work perfectly on Android and iOS devices. There were some adjustments to the button for making changes to the bet. Instead of appearing on the main screen, as it does on the desktop, you will need to click on the Hamburger Menu button to make any changes to the bet.


Emojiplanet doesn’t look like most other slot videos, which adds to its charm. The 5 modifiers can have a significant impact by increasing the cluster sizes and therefore increase your odds of winning a nice sized payout. For this to happen, you will need to create a real account and make a deposit at today.