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The Camel train arrives at the oasis in the heart of the mysterious desert. The legends speak of unbelievable riches hidden in the featureless dunes. Over the next peak, you could find an ancient temple, or perhaps it will just be another mirage. Don’t forget to take your sunscreen as you embark on an expedition to an exotic land, following an old battered map, perhaps you will make it to the secret tent, or maybe even the hidden sanctum. Once there you could uncover lost treasures in our online casino, but be warned, this slot is reserved for only for the bravest intrepid adventurers!

Open Sesame, open says-a-you!

The desert has been the setting of fantastic tales ever since ancient times, those legends have given us famous characters such as Sinbad, Aladdin and Ali Baba. The Stories spoke of romance, danger and tremendous treasures hidden in the desert. There’s a reason why so many books and feature films are set in the desert, it’s a mysterious place that can’t help but capture the imagination of people around the world, from the ancient legends to Boy’s Own stories, to Lawrence of Arabia, we just can’t get enough! Now you can set off on your own date with destiny, and don’t worry if you have never even left your hometown before we are offering new players to our online casino games a free welcome bonus to help with expenses!

Bedouin for a treat alright

Desert Treasure II is a 5 reel, 20 payline online slots game that features free spins, a wild feature and a wonderful bonus game. It also features a massive jackpot activated by discovering 5 treasure hunters. Watch out for the deadly king cobra, as it is the wild symbol, and when activated will cover the whole board. Also included is a 2 stage bonus game which will have you opening chests at a beautiful cool oasis, with a chance to uncover a treasure map that could lead you to even greater riches. It’s easy to pick up and play Desert Treasure II, with its riveting gameplay and fun, colourful graphics and sound effects, and you can be sure that you’ll have a chance to get your just deserts in this sizzling hot game.