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Experience the thrill of playing the online slot version of this classic hit TV show in the comfort of your own home. Deal or No Deal is a game which has proved very popular all over the world and has also made some contestants very rich. Everyone wants to get in on the act of playing this game in front of the cameras and an audience but the waiting list is very long and you have to be very lucky to be selected. The TV show is a tense, strategic game which involves a contestant trying to win as much money as possible from the banker, whose sole aim is to limit his losses. It’s not possible to replicate all the strategic nuances of the game show in the slot version but all the ingredients of the programme are here on display such as the prize money wall and the red button. If you’re looking for the excitement of this adrenalin-filled game of red boxes and hidden prizes then deal yourself in at online casino and bank on a great time.

Safe haven could lead to joyful jackpot

Clear your mind and set your eyes on the prize because you could be doing the walk of wealth if you play your cards right. Should you be lucky enough to land three or more of the phone scatter symbols then it’s time to start the jackpot bonus game. Here, you get the chance to win big bucks by landing the progressive jackpot, whose slots are stationed in three safes near the top of the screen. As a contestant you must select up to six briefcases and on the final one you will be made an offer by the banker which you can either accept or decline. If you take the latter route more offers from the banker will be made. If you turn down all of the banker’s offers then you are faced with a final choice - the remaining case and the lucky case. Choose wisely because your destiny lies within the contents of those briefcases! It’s an open and shut case at online casino games because there’s no doubt you’re in for some serious fun.

It’s reel time in Deal or No Deal International

You are the star of the show but newcomers will be made to feel extra special because they are guaranteed a 100% up to $400 welcome bonus (plus 200 free spins) on any of the games at online slots. Live the dream just like the contestants on Deal or No Deal which has a couple of bonus games that will leave you reel-y spinning with excitement. Get a taste of what it’s like to be in the spotlight - you never know, you could get a great deal into the bargain!