Play Chippendales Online Slots

Tired of the Cute & Fluffy style slots machines that you’ve been playing up until now? Well, if you are ready for some hardcore action like nothing else, then load up the Chippendales slots because these reels are on fire! You’ll enjoy watching some washboard abs, tight buns and husky figures dancing across the screen almost as much as you enjoy winning the cash prizes that they’re giving away (and maybe even just a little more!) So hurry into our online casino gambling club now for a show to remember!

Chippendales Sizzling Spin

We’ll start out light with a little easy on the eyes action. There is a fun feature called the Sizzling Spin. If you get the wheel symbol on the first, third and fifth reels all at the same time, you will trigger this feature, and you’ll be happy you did. A manly man will be standing there waiting for you when you arrive. He’ll tug away at that wheel with his massive, bulging muscles, and the number that the wheel settles on is your multiplier. Good luck, and enjoy the show!

Who’s your favourite dancer? Is it the fireman or the biker dude? Maybe you like the hard rock guitarist or the sexy cowboy in his open shirt western getup. Then again, if it’s more class that you are looking for, the gentleman in the tux will be right up your alley. Whatever your taste, the Chippendales have got a companion for you!

Chippendales Strip Tease

What kind of male entertainment would be complete without a proper strip feature? Your goal is to match up the dancers in sets of three in order to get a win. Each time a particular character shows up in the winning match, he’ll peel away another layer of clothing. What happens when he gets to the third and final level of this strip tease? You’ll just have to play to find out!

The screen itself is a sight to be admired, as the reels are sandwiched between some of the most pronounced bodies you’ve ever seen and the icons are constantly giving you some sort of show. Even the royal suite, which you would imagine is as neutral as a spayed cat, gives off some sexy vibes by dripping some sweat when they appear! There is no doubt about it, the Chippendales online slots machine is the most thrilling online casino game you have ever played, so load up this baby now and grab a drink because you’re going to need something to cool you down!