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As the nights start to draw in, the temperatures plunge and the sky is full with feathery snowflakes it can mean only one thing. Winter is on its way and Christmas is just around the corner. But with Santa Scratch it is Christmas every day of the year because the white-bearded gentleman that makes this festival so special is at the heart of this game - and what’s more he is feeling generous! Father Christmas is the man that travels in the sky on a magic sleigh pulled by reindeers on just one night of the year to deliver presents to all the children of the world, but he is not just for kids - he’s there for adults too. Santa Claus is here to bring a bit of Christmas cheer whether it’s winter, autumn, spring or summer because there is never a bad time to receive a gift - especially when it’s a cash prize! Yule have a great time playing Santa Scratch but we have sent a few other great games down the chimney for you to enjoy at online casino.

Big chill will warm your heart

The screen displays candy sticks adorning a snowy landscape and a sprig of holly attached to a wooden gate but this is no ordinary Christmas scene. The gate reveals the maximum you can win using the card price you have chosen. If you select the lowest figure of $/€0.50 you can win up to $/€5,000, but push the boat out a bit and play $/€10 a game and you could be $/€100,000 richer! The way to win a prize is by matching three Santa Claus symbols in a row, column or diagonal. When this portly red-cloaked chap appears on one of the snow-flaked windows on the nine-square grid he is transformed into a few gift-wrapped presents before reverting back to his usual appearance. But get three in a row and he delivers a bellowing ‘Ho, ho, ho!’. It’s then time to unwrap your present by clicking on the ‘Prize’ button to win a random pay-out. We’re feeling in the Christmas spirit too so here’s a 100% up to $/€400 (plus 200 free spins) Bonus when you register at online casino games. Merry Christmas!

Glad tidings at Santa Scratch

Reindeers, Christmas trees, gingerbread men, Christmas stockings, candles, stars and snow globes all make this a special fun-filled seasonal online scratch card and should you win at least $/€10 you receive a ‘Merry Christmas’ message on top of your prize! To speed things up there is a ‘Scratch All’ option or to travel at the pace of a sleigh down a ski slope there is an ‘Autoplay’ button. See what other gifts we have to offer at scratch cards and maybe there is a present there that you really wanted for Christmas!