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Roulette is not only one of the world’s best-loved casino games, but it is also probably the most historic and glamorous. The word roulette comes from the French for ‘little wheel’, which makes sense for a country that brought us the word revolution! There are many variations of this great game for you to sample online, but now the scratch card version has hit the screens - and it could not be simpler to play. Anyone who has played roulette at a casino or online knows there are many different rules and of course there are lots of bets you can place before the ball starts rolling. Red or black? Odds or evens? Derniere? Corner bets? 1-18? Here, the rules have been simplified so that you are hoping to match one of the numbers from 0-36, but the great thing is you get five chances to win for your stake. The wheels are always turning at online casino so take a spin at some of the fantastic entertainment we have to offer.

Five chances to win!

Once you’ve loaded up the game you will notice the roulette wheel on the left and the bets/prizes table on the right. Your first port of call, though, is to decide your stake which can be done using the plus and minus keys on the ‘Card Value’ button. These range from $/€0.50 to $/€10 per spin. The lowest denomination carries a guaranteed top prize of $/€5,000 and the highest is an incredible $/€100,000. Then it’s time to spin the wheel by hitting ‘Play’. Of course you don’t see the wheel spinning, after all this is a scratch card! However, you can experience the suspense of a roulette game by scratching the roulette wheel first to reveal where the ball has landed. Then, scratch away at the five games on the right. If your number matches the ball on the wheel you will hear the ‘You Win’ announcement and win the random pay-out in the ‘Prize’ column. If that sounds like good news then you will love the 100% up to $/€400 welcome bonus (plus 200 free spins) that newcomers receive at online casino games.

Get on the ball with Roulette

Roulette Scratch has the usual methods to speed up the game if you prefer playing at a quicker pace such as the ‘Scratch All’ function which reveals the number of the ball and your five numbers in one fell swoop. Additionally, the ‘Autoplay’ button means you can select between 1-99 games without touching a button. There is also a ‘Shuffle’ option too if you fancy mixing up the cards. You’ll be in a spin with what’s going down at scratch cards so try out what we have to offer and see if you are on the ball.