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Come with us on an expedition to the exotic city of Cairo as we search for the legendary Pharaoh’s Kingdom and treasures beyond your wildest dreams. The Pyramids of Egypt have held so many secrets and promises of treasure that intrepid explorers have been searching them for hundreds of years. Stories and legends build the mystery, and talk of hidden chambers and unexplored passages just makes it all the more exciting! Pull on your safari jacket and adjust your pith helmet as we whisk you away to search for lost riches in this thrilling scratch card game. It doesn’t matter if you are not the adventurous sort as you can do all of this right here in our online casino without even stepping foot outside of your home, just log in and play!

A tomb full of gold

The Egyptians had a very advanced civilisation thousands of years before the Romans and Greeks. And the most famous Pharaoh of all, Tutankhamun ruled during the most important era, about 1300 BC. Even though they wrote using those funny hieroglyphics they were very advanced and used paper and had complicated irrigation systems to water their crops. They also had many priceless treasures and artifacts that have made the Pyramids a target for adventurers and explorers the world over. Some people say that there are still valuables to be found and now you can see for yourself with this exciting scratch card game. Adventuring isn’t cheap, so to keep you in camels and sunscreen we are happy to be able to offer new players a free welcome bonus that can be used on any one of our huge online casino games collection. So walk like an Egyptian over to the login page and play!

A golden opportunity!

Pharaoh’s Kingdom Scratch is an Egyptian themed scratch cards game that has all the mystery and promise of ancient Egypt. The graphics and sound effects bring the palace of the Pharaoh to life, while the simple and fun gameplay will be sure to delight. Gameplay consists of choosing an amount to bet and then scratching the card, well, in this case, we aren’t actually scratching anything but more cleaning off sand with a feather. If you uncover a treasure that matches the one displayed on the prize pedestal, then you have won! If not, you can always try again, the betting value can be changed to match any wallet, so everyone can get in on the fun!