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Love is definitely in the air here in our online casino, and Love Match Scratch is here to fill you with warm fuzzy feelings whenever and wherever you need them! Everyone remembers their first love, that incredibly strong feeling, those emotions, all those hearts and stuffed animals and bouquets of flowers! Don’t worry if you have never been the romantic sort as you’ll have the chance right here with this soppy scratch card that will have your head in the clouds before you know it! It doesn’t have to be valentine’s day to share this love, and it doesn’t matter if you are a confirmed singleton or are still with your childhood sweetheart we would just love it if you blew us a kiss if you enjoy playing this dreamy and amorous game. Cupid has an arrow in his bow for you with Love Match Scratch.

Love is in the air!

That fat little cherub, Cupid who flies around shooting star crossed lovers with his bow and arrow was actually a Roman invention, he was supposedly the son of Venus and Mars and was the god of romantic attraction and affection. Other universal symbols of love and romance are cute little teddy bears and of course the red rose, which is a flower that represents love all across Europe and America. The idea of romantic love has been around for centuries, it’s a sweet way to show how you feel about someone, and if the number of restaurant bookings on February 14th is anything to go by, people all across Britain can’t get enough of it. Log in and play this great scratch card and we will share the love by giving all new players a free welcome bonus that they can use playing any of our online casino games. That must be better than a peck on the cheek!

Meet your match!

Love Match Scratch is a fun and colourful online scratch cards game that brings an air of romance to your gaming day. The cartoony graphics and jaunty music will put a smile on your face, but you will definitely fall in love with the gameplay. Choose an amount to wager and then scratch off the symbols, you will see all sorts of cute romantic things, but look out for the little angels. Match three chubby angels in a row, column or diagonal line and you have won! All that’s left is to scratch off the prize box to see just how much! Unlike love which can sometimes be a complicated emotion, there’s nothing to this game, it’s simple, fun and won’t fail to put you in a great mood every time you play.