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Would you be able to survive in hand to hand combat in the legendary Colosseum of ancient Rome? Picture yourself setting foot on the dusty blood soaked floor as the hot sun beats down on you without mercy. The crowd roars with excitement as you prepare to do battle with a man twice your size and twice as ugly. You dodge, parry and finally deliver a blow that sends him tumbling to the floor in a pile of broken bones. You cannot end his life until you get the order to do so from your emperor so you look up to see if his thumb is up and a life is spared, or down and things are over for the other fighter. The life of a gladiator was tough, every day could be his last, but it was also exciting and a great honour to fight in front of the emperor and people of Rome, gladiators were considered to be like the rock stars of today and lived a celebrity lifestyle. You can experience the heart-pounding life of a gladiator in our online casino today. And don’t worry the chances of getting out alive are very high!

Are you not entertained?

Russell Crowe played the famous gladiator Maximus Decimus Meridius in the Blockbuster movie directed by Ridley Scott. In the film, gladiators fought against each other for the fun and entertainment of the citizens of ancient Rome. Gladiators were often slaves, but with some skill and luck they could eventually buy their freedom and even become rich and powerful men, if they lived that long! You can strap on Maximus’ armour and go toe to toe against the evil Commodus as you relive all the excitement in this officially licensed game. Gladiator scratch is perfect for veteran fighters or fresh-faced newcomers as it’s easy to play this exciting and fun instant win game. We are very happy to be able to offer new players a free welcome bonus that can be used with any of our online casino games, so click and play!

Thumbs up for the gameplay!

Gladiator Scratch is a great online scratch cards game that will take you to the thrilling world of Ancient Rome as you play. The graphics and sound effects will have you reliving your favourite scenes from the movie, we just know you’ll be quoting your favourite lines as you play. The objective is simple, place a bet and then scratch off the symbols. If you are lucky you will uncover three matching symbols in a line, row or diagonally. Each different symbol is worth a different amount, so keep your eyes peeled! This game is perfect for anyone who loved the Ridley Scott film, or the Roman theme, we are confident it will get your thumbs up!