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The beautiful game! 90 minutes of physical poetry, football is a game that has stolen the hearts and minds of millions of people around the world. Every match has the potential to spectacular, it doesn’t matter if it’s a bottom the group slog or a world cup final, every game can have grown men in tears of joy, or pain! Relive the passion of your favourite games right here in our online casino, we promise you that this isn’t the warm up, this is the real deal, it doesn’t matter if you are out of shape, Football Mania Scratch will have you feeling like a soccer superstar every time you play. Every day can be match day, without even leaving the house, click and play today!

The beautiful game

The game of football was born thousands of years ago in ancient China, players could use any part of the body, apart from arms or hands to get a ball into a goal. Around 0 BC, there were even standardised rules and tournaments and the game spread around the world. A lot of these early games of football seemed more like rugby as physical tackles and even wrestling was allowed. All this changed in the 19th Century and the birth of Association Football, the game we know and love today. The FA was born in a pub in 1863 and the rest, is, as they say, history. Football has become the most loved, most played sport around the world and has become part of many people’s lives, with even the Prime Minister claiming to have a favourite team (or two!). Come and play this beautiful scratch based on the beautiful game and we will even give new players a free welcome bonus that can be used on any of our online casino games.

He shoots, he scores!

Football Mania Scratch is a football based online game that is definitely in the starting eleven of our scratch cards selection. It’s perfect for football fans and anyone who enjoys a little flutter. The gameplay is the same as the real life version, except it’s right here on your computer screen, no mess, no fuss. Make your bet, scratch off the prize symbol and then try to match it with any one of the symbols located under the six squares to win! That’s all there is to it! As long as you keep your eye on the ball you’ll be having a good game, good game!