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Swimming with dolphins is an ambition that many people would love to experience at some point in their lives. These friendly and intelligent mammals love nothing more than to splash about in the sea with their mates or dive through hoops at the sea life centre for which they will be rewarded with a tasty snack of their favourite food - fish. Now, you can take the plunge and get the chance to mess about with these lovable marine creatures in a Caribbean paradise and win up to $/€50,000 in cash at the same time! You may not know it but dolphins are historically considered to be lucky, especially in the ancient cultures of Greece, Egypt and Rome. Sailors always regarded dolphins around their ships as lucky charms because it was the first sign that land was not too far away. Let these sea creatures bring you luck and while you’re at it take the plunge with what else we have to offer at online casino.

Golden opportunity at Dolphin Cash

You will find it hard to argue with the tradition of lucky dolphins when you spot three of them in a row because it means you have won a cash prize! However, there is more than one way to get a pay-out in Dolphin Cash, so keep an eye out for one of the gold coins that drift beneath the ocean waves. The game starts in the usual way by deciding the stake you wish to play with and that can be done by clicking on the plus and minus keys on the Card Price button. Once that is done you have the choice of playing between one and five scratch cards, so click on the blue rectangles until they turn aquamarine blue, hit ‘Play’ and then ‘Scratch’ away to get the action started. If three dolphins appear in a row you will win a random prize displayed on the right. There are other symbols like coral, sea shells and gulls but as beautiful as they are, it’s dolphins and Dolphin Cash gold coins we want to see! You may also want to see what we are offering new customers to online casino games - a 100% up to $/€400 (plus 200 free spins) welcome bonus!

Go at your own speed

Relaxing calypso music plays in the background during gameplay, but if you want to speed things up it is possible to use the Scratch All function so that all of the cards’ symbols are revealed at the same time. If you fancy a run of cards then the Autoplay button allows you to play between 10-50 games. There is so much to enjoy at online scratch cards that every day feels like a holiday!