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Try out this fantastic scratch card that’s also a classic Las Vegas slot machine here in our online casino today. This game is for those days when you don’t know what to choose, you know the sort of days when you stare at the menu or the supermarket shelves and just wish you could have everything. With Classic Slots Scratch you can have the best of both worlds, all the ‘instant-win’ fun of a scratch card with the feel of a vintage slot machine. Life is hard, we have to make so many decisions every day, let us make things just a touch easier for you, come, relax and play this lively, fun game.

Classic gameplay.

Slot machines have been a mainstay of casinos around the world for many years, they are probably the most played of all the casino games and it’s easy to see why, they are easy to learn, fun to play and have a brisk pick up and play style that suits everyone. Scratch cards were invented in the 1970s and these days you would be hard pressed to step into a newsagent or garage that doesn’t sell them. People from all walks of life love playing them and there are now a huge amount of different designs and styles of cards. Get ready to become part of the future, now you won’t even need to go to the newsagent’s as you can play a large variety of different scratch cards right here on your computer. It’s simple to sign up and play, and we are also very happy to reveal that we are offering new players a free welcome bonus that’s not only good for our scratch cards, but for all of our online casino games.

Scratch an itch

Classic Slots Scratch is, as the name suggests, an online scratch card game that has the look and feel of a slot machine. The bright and colourful fruit graphics make gameplay really fun and the instant win aspect of scratch cards is so perfectly re-created here that you will never want to buy a paper card again! This card has three chances to win, and if you don’t even want to scratch yourself the game will automatically do it for you. Our great scratch cards library is perfect for any time you would like to have a flutter, but don’t want something as involved as our usual casino games. Try one out today.