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Most of us are familiar with the concept of the bingo hall, a large soulless building meant to house hundreds of seated people with multiple cards in front of them waiting for matching numbers. For a lot of people that’s just fine, but you will be instantly bitten by the bug when you play Beetle Bingo because this is an online scratch card with the emphasis placed wholly on having fun in an unusual setting! Not for us, the stuffy crumbling out-of-town premises - instead we are with Mother Nature amongst lush verdant ferns surrounded by cheeky beetles. Bingo has never been so exciting and it’s a quick-moving game too, but at online casino we are always in the fast lane.

Shake, rattle and roll with Beetle Bingo

Beetle Bingo is an easy game to play and visually innovative too. There are three chances to win in every game but there are a couple of ways to play it so let’s start with the traditional way. The first decision you must make is the stake you wish to play with and once that’s done click on ‘Play’. On the left-hand side of the screen is a jar of ladybirds flapping their wings just waiting to be released so give them a shake and 15 of these colourful insects will make their way down a lane of bamboo. These are no ordinary insects, though, because they have numbers on their backs ranging from 1-90. The action then turns to the centre of the screen where you will find the three scratch cards. Simply click on each one and see if your five numbers match those on the bugs. The game will tell you if you’ve won and the pay-outs appear randomly on the three games up to a maximum of $/€10,000! Win $/€5 or more and you will be treated to the funny ‘You have bingo!’ theme tune. Beetle Bingo is a ticket to ride so get on board and new players will be treated to a bonus of 100% up to $/€400 (plus 200 free spins) at any of our online casino games.

Go for a high five

The most exciting way to play this game is by using the ‘Scratch All’ function. Your 15 numbers for the three games are unveiled in the centre of the screen and as the bugs scuttle their way out of the jar you will be able to see your numbers circled in real time. Get five in a row and you have Bingo! You will win the prize displayed underneath the five winning numbers. If you would rather sit back and watch a few games unfold before your eyes then use ‘Autoplay’ which ranges from 1-50 plays. Beetle Bingo is another magical mystery tour at online scratch cards so take a look and get the love bug into your life!