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Roll up! Roll up! The circus is coming to town, bringing all the fun of the fair. There are elephants standing on large, colourful balls while holding daffodils in their trunks, rings of fire, rabbits in hats, unicycles, animal-shaped balloons, juggling clubs and circus tickets all inside the enormous red and white striped big top. But a circus would not be a circus without clowns. These hilarious characters have taken a bit of a battering in recent years as they always seem to crop up in horror movies, and the evil Joker in the Batman series probably hasn’t done them any favours. But, put them in their natural environment, tumbling around and driving cars that split into two then they really come into their own and bring joy to audiences all over the world. So, sit back, relax and open up a bag of popcorn because we are sending in the clowns to entertain you in this online scratch card brought to you at online casino.

Clowns scratch is three and easy

Those of you familiar with scratch cards will know that the objective is to match three icons in a row in order to win a cash prize. In 3 Clowns Scratch you will be rewarded whether three of these clowns appear on the screen horizontally, vertically or diagonally. These masters of slapstick comedy are guaranteed to put smiles on your faces and you will be grinning from ear to ear if you land a winning sequence. The pay-out appears in the ‘Prize’ box above the nine-square grid. When that happens the graphics and soundtrack work neatly in harmony as a drum roll sounds and balloons are released into the air. The background music is also a bonus too. You won’t be irritated by the traditional knockabout tune that we are all familiar with which would drive you insane if you had to listen to it for more than two minutes. Instead, the soundtrack is actually really cool and relaxing! 3 Clowns Scratch is simple to play, easy on the eye and there is a free 100% up to $/€400 (plus 200 free spins) Bonus for newcomers to online casino games.

Grab this window of opportunity

Players have the option of scratching each window individually or clicking on the ‘Scratch All’ button if you wish to find out the outcome quickly. There is also an autoplay option which allows between x10 and x50 simultaneous games. One additional benefit of 3 Clowns Scratch is that unlike the cards you buy in your local shop you are able to choose the value of each card for every game you play. There is a range of card prices from $/€0.25-$/€20, and the higher you go the bigger the pay-out. Cut out the cardboard and try out scratch cards because there’s so much more to enjoy.