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Many consider Premium French Roulette the finest of all online roulette games, especially when you combine its elegance with's cutting edge technology. The images are sharp and the music is pleasant, creating a premium atmosphere for both the professional and beginner casino games online players.

As a premium game, you can play online Premium French Roulette with multiple players, or set up your own private game!

How to Play Online Premium French Roulette

Premium French Roulette is similar to American Roulette and European Roulette, with a few exceptions. For one, unlike American Roulette, French Roulette is a single-zero games, which means your chances of winning are increased. That fact, plus the La Partage rule which returns to you half of your bet if you bet evens and the ball lands on zero, makes for a more fun game with greater payouts.

Otherwise, the rules of Premium French Roulette are straightforward. You place your bets, spin the wheel, and hope for the best! If the ball lands on one of your bets, you'll win according to the payout schedule below; if not, you'll lose.

Online Premium French Roulette Terms and Payouts

Below you'll find a list of the payout schedule, as well as the commonly used French terms for each bet:

  • Straight Up (Plein) 35-1
  • Split Bet (Cheval) 17-1
  • Street Bet (Transversale Pleine) 11-1
  • Corner Bet (Carre) 8-1
  • Four Bet (Transversale de Quatre) 8-1
  • Line Bet (Transversale Simple) 5-1
  • Dozen Bet (Douzaine) or Column Bet (Colonne) 2-1
  • Even/Odd (Pair/Impair), Low/High (Manque/Passe), or Red/Black (Rouge/Noir) 1-1

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