Online Mini Roulette at

At, Mini Roulette lets you enjoy all the fun and excitement of regular online roulette – but in miniature form!

The difference between Mini Roulette and other roulette options

Mini Roulette is very similar to American Roulette and French Roulette. Mini Roulette does, however, feature a different number of spaces on the table from these other options, as well as different odds.

How to play online Mini Roulette

The rules and method of play for online Mini Roulette is essentially the same as with other versions of roulette – you place your bets and then spin the wheel.

As suggested by its name, Mini Roulette is a smaller version of the classic game. Because Mini Roulette features fewer numbers, the chance of hitting your chosen number is 13 to 1, and you receive a 50% payback when the ball lands on the zero space.

Betting options for Mini Roulette include the Mini Roulette Split Bet; the Corner Bet; the Street Bet; Three Bet; Six Bet; Column Bet; Red or Black Bet and Even or Odd Bet.

Online Mini Roulette

Mini Roulette offers a fantastic way to enjoy this classic game, but with enhanced odds and fewer numbers. Our Mini Roulette game offers you the chance to win big whilst also practicing your roulette skills and enjoying some great casino games online entertainment. To try it for yourself, download's software, open a casino online account and start placing those bets!