MasterCard Maestro Casino

MasterCard is a company primarily known for its credit card services and payment processing technology, however its Maestro line of debit cards are becoming more widespread and popular. A debit card looks and behaves in much the same way a credit card does. The difference, however, is that debit cards transact using money that is actually available in your back account. In other words, you, the customer, do not incur debt while using a debit card because, simply put, the money you are only spending your own money.

In terms of operation, however, MasterCard credit and debit cards are fairly similar. Maestro cards are powered by MasterCard’s Cirrus network. Debit cards, like the ones issued by Maestro, are an accepted payment method at for withdrawal or to deposit funds.

How to Use MasterCard Maestro at

The Maestro, which was originally called the Switch card, was bought by MasterCard several years ago and has grown into one of the most popular payment methods for players. One of the reasons for the boost in the Maestro’s popularity is that the card is used as a signature debit card and therefore doesn’t require additional verification, which makes the whole process smoother and quicker.

Making deposits and withdrawals into, and from, your account with the MasterCard Maestro is a simple process. Once you’ve received your Maestro card and you’ve deposited money into the bank account that it is connected with, you can login to your account and make the deposit. Click on the Cashier link to be directed to the payment page and you can then select the Maestro payment option. A pop up window will appear prompting you for your card number and other identification information. Then you need to specify an amount to transfer and, within a few minutes, the money will be in your account allowing you to play your favorite online casino games, or discovering new games to try your luck at.

The MasterCard Maestro Advantage at

The Maestro debit card is powered by the credit giant, MasterCard, but unlike their traditional credit cards, the Maestro doesn’t offer its users a line of credit. This means that players can only use the money that is in their account, making it easier to track their transactions.

Security is another advantage of the MasterCard card. When each player receives their card is comes with a PIN number and a Secure Code so it is nearly impossible for anyone to access your account without your knowledge or permission.