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The beauty of online blackjack is that there are so many variations to suit everyone’s taste and Blackjack Super 21 is no exception. If you want to spice up your blackjack experience look no further because this game has some special ingredients. Ordinary blackjack rules mean that the player must get as close to 21 without busting or simply finish with a higher hand than the dealer. That still remains the case here but with Blackjack Super 21 there are other ways to win because simply holding as many cards as possible can pay dividends. In standard rules, should the dealer match your blackjack you enter a push situation in which nobody wins, but in Blackjack Super 21 you automatically trump the house! We love to mix things up at online casino and if you like to be a bit more adventurous in your game play then this is the place for you.

High five from Blackjack Super 21

It’s always a thrill to receive high cards such as aces, picture cards or tens, but with Blackjack Super 21 players can benefit from low ones too. The reason is that should you reach the magic number of 21 with five or six cards you will win regardless whether the dealer has blackjack! And the cash return is special too because a five-card or more blackjack will pay double instead of the usual level stakes. So, if you’ve ever been frustrated when you get blackjack only to find you have celebrated too soon because the dealer matches it, then the solution is here! There is another innovation too. If you are brave enough to hold six cards in your hand with a total of 20 - otherwise known as Six-Card Charlie - you will win regardless of the hand the dealer holds and will be paid out at a 1:1 ratio. If you like the sounds of this then let’s get the party started by offering newcomers to online casino games 100% up to $/€400 (plus 200 free spins) welcome bonus.

Super 21 is a jewel in the crown

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend but in Blackjack Super 21 diamonds are everybody’s friend! That’s because if you receive an ace of diamonds and a picture card or a ten of the same suit you will automatically be rewarded with a 2:1 payout. Blackjack with the other three suits pays out at 1:1. Two other great features of the game are that hands can be split up to four times instead of the usual once or twice - and players can double down on the original stake at any time irrespective of the number of cards that are held. There’s so much to enjoy about this super game but browse through our other games at online blackjack to see our varied selection.