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A compelling experience awaits you courtesy of online casino. The table is looking as smooth as silk and the decks are stacked high so get ready for a night of Perfect Blackjack. The great news is that there is simply no need to dress up in your glad rags for this game or even to cross the threshold of your front door because the action can take place in your living room or wherever you feel comfortable. So, pour yourself a drink, sit back and relax and let us take you through the motions. Perfect Blackjack follows the usual rules but the first thing you will notice is that this is a multi-hand table so you can play with up to five hands simultaneously. There’s nothing quite like multi-tasking! If you’re looking for an enthralling but simple piece of entertainment then look no further than this perfect game!

Stand or deliver?

Once you have made your decision about how many hands you are going to play with and placed your chips in the appropriate circles then it’s time to get the party started by clicking on ‘Deal’. There are six decks in operation here and the player receives two face-up cards per hand. The dealer also receives two cards but only one is face-up. It’s now decision time for the player who must choose whether to hit, stand or double. Hitting the double means your bet is multiplied by two, but you will receive one card only from the dealer and will not be allowed to hit again. You may also buy insurance should the dealer get an ace which costs you half your stake and pays out at 2:1 if the dealer gets blackjack with his second card. To help you on your way a welcome bonus of 100% up to $/€400 (plus 200 free spins) is available to newcomers at online casino games.

Pair up and pick up a prize

However, Perfect Blackjack also has an additional feature which can reap rewards even if you lose your stake in the main game. In the side bet it is possible to gamble on whether the player, the dealer or both will be dealt pairs for their first two cards. There are different pay-outs for different combinations of pairs, so a red/black pair will pay out 6/1, a pair of the same colour is 12/1 and a perfect pair in which the same two cards sit side by side is 25/1. This is possible because the game plays with six decks. It’s an interesting version and could mean you’re on to a winner even before the main game has started! Enjoy the experience but take time to look at our other games at online blackjack.