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Life is full of surprises, those little things that catch us unaware, but that we could avoid if we just knew about it a little bit in advance. A speeding ticket, or the annoying feeling when you’ve locked yourself out of the house could all be a thing of the past if you could just take a little peek into the future and see what was heading your way. It’s the same with blackjack, imagine splitting and doubling down only to find out the dealer has blackjack! How annoying! Well, you won’t have to worry about things like that in our fantastic online casino as in Blackjack Peek the dealer will have a little check to make sure and you won’t be wasting your stake on a game that you’ve already lost! Come and enjoy a wonderful game with a little extra added peace of mind, you can play without even stepping foot out of the house, just click now and play.

Stick or twist!

There are many variations to blackjack, as you can see in our online casino games collection, but the basic game has been played in the same way for hundreds of years. Whilst it is thought to have been played for much longer than that, it first appeared in French casinos in the 1700s and has been a staple card game played around the world ever since. Throughout its history, it has constantly been changing and evolving and it seems as if every casino has their own little twist on the time honoured gameplay. Even with these changes, blackjack remains a fun and easy to learn card game that appeals to both experienced gamers and also to those who’ve never even been in a casino. There aren’t many people around the world who haven’t played this game for matches as a child. Blackjack Peek is strictly for grown-ups though and there is a chance you could win something a lot more interesting than a few matches!

Multiple ways to win

Blackjack Peek is a fantastically realistic online blackjack game that matches classic card game action with beautiful graphics and immersive sound effects that will make you feel as if you are in a famous casino somewhere. The gameplay follows the blackjack standard rules, except that the game is played with six decks and the dealer gets a peek at his cards to see if he has got a blackjack. This happens before you start taking hits so you can easily see whether or not you want to risk it. It’s a small change, but a really helpful one! Come and play Blackjack Peek today!