Play Double Attack Blackjack Online at

Double Attack Blackjack is a brilliant online variation on the original game with lots of features and options to keep the entertainment factor turned up to the max. The game’s logo of two crossed swords in the intro provides a hint of what the main game is about - double attack! The game starts with the player placing a chip in the Place Your Bet circle before the dealer deals himself an upturned card. At this point the player must decide whether to get involved in the double attack which gives the game its name. If you’re feeling adventurous then clicking on Max Double Attack will place an equal value chip to your original stake on the second circle. You will then receive two upturned cards and the dealer will receive an extra face-down card. What will you do next? There are many routes you could take and it’s this sort of variety which makes the games in online casino so special.

Choose the right path

You now have several decisions to make once your cards have been dealt and you have compared your hand to the dealer’s. You may decide to just press the hit button and receive another card without increasing your stakes. Or you may choose to double just your initial stake or even go double max which means both stakes are increased by two. Should you go for one of the double options the player will only receive one more card and then must choose to either stand or surrender. The player also has the option of splitting up to four times instead of the usual once just to make it more interesting. What’s even more interesting is that newcomers to online casino games will be offered a free 100% up to $/€400 (plus 200 free spins) welcome bonus for any of the games at

Bust a gut and reap the rewards

Double Attack Blackjack also contains a noteworthy side bet called Bust It! This fun diversion allows you to bet on how the dealer will bust but only on his third card. To get involved you must throw a chip on to the Bust It! betting circle. If the dealer does not bust or goes over 21 on four cards or above then you lose, but if he busts on his third card you will receive a pay-out according to a table which ranges from 3/1 for busting with a face card to 200/1 for three eights of the same suit. There is also an insurance option in the game which pays 5:2. Take a stab at this great game and take a look at what else we have to offer at online blackjack.