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Well howdy partner, what brings you round these here parts? Come sit a while and tell us your story stranger! Barkeep! Two fingers of your best sippin’ whiskey, we’re gonna play us some blackjack! There ain't nothing better, or more American than getting to know someone over a round or two of this world famous card game. From the dustiest saloons with sawdust covering the floor, to the fanciest casinos on the Las Vegas Strip, you can find the familiar sight of a blackjack table. If you want to experience all of that rootin’ tootin’ action, but don’t want all the fuss of travelling across the pond, then take a look in our online casino partner, we can give you all the fun without even having to leave your seat!

Rich in history

We all know that blackjack is one of the most popular card games in the US of A, but not many people know that it was actually a European game first of all. Originally called 21, it was a game played by travellers in Spain and France hundreds of years ago. When people began to migrate from Europe they took the game with them, and before too long it was played in gambling houses and saloons all across the west! The name ‘blackjack’ came from the habit of some establishments to offer a greater bonus to a hand of 21 that comprised of a black ace and a black jack. Unfortunately, that custom is not followed anymore, but the name has stuck. It doesn’t really matter about the name as the sensational gameplay blend of luck and skill makes this a game that can be enjoyed by both beginners and experts alike. In fact to make it, even more, accessible to new players we are offering a free welcome bonus that can be used here, or with any of our online casino games.

Blackjack, American style

The amazing photorealistic graphics of American Blackjack will make you feel like you are in Las Vegas sitting at a table at one of the most famous casinos in the world. The gameplay is familiar to anyone who knows blackjack, but we have kept it fresh to appeal to anyone who loves this wonderful card game. The only variants on classic blackjack are that here you play with six decks and you are able to double after a split. We didn’t change it too much because how can you improve on perfection? Come and discover what makes blackjack the most played card game across the USA, presented here as part of our fantastic online blackjack collection.