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Welcome to the online casino of the future. We have all the games you know and love, but well, they’ve evolved a bit since you last saw them. They are still just as fun though! If you can’t wait until we are all flying around in jetpacks, eating food in pill form and travelling through hyperspace, then come and play this fantastic update of a true classic. Life moves pretty fast and technology too, so there’s no reason that our casino games should stay the same as they have always been, Wheel of Light takes the gameplay and style of roulette and brings it bang up to date, you’ll never be able to play a game like this in a bricks and mortar casino, so click now and play something clean, contemporary and above all, fun!

Bright gameplay!

Roulette has been around for over a hundred years without really changing, American roulette has two 0s but that’s about as far as the changes have gone. Just looking at the wheel you can tell that this is a classic design that hasn’t been updated for years. Well, that’s until now. We have taken roulette and updated it, streamlined it and given it a facelift. All the gameplay you know and love is still there, but now it’s more simple and more fun to play, and not just for roulette fans either, anyone can pick up and play Wheel of Light, even without any previous experience. In fact, we will even offer new players to our online casino games a free welcome bonus that can be used with any choice in our fantastic selection.

A modern twist

Wheel of Light is a state-of-the-art addition to our arcade games collection. The crisp and clean graphics will give you the impression you are in the distant future and the updated, time honoured gameplay will be sure to entertain and delight you for a long time to come. Just like the old fashioned game it’s based on, you begin by placing your bet, you can bet on a single number, colours, groups, high or low numbers and odds or evens. The winnings vary depending on the type of bet you play so there’s plenty of room for playing in exactly the style you want. Once you have placed your bet set the light off on its journey around the wheel and the game is on! Come and experience fun and thrills at the speed of light with Wheel of Light!


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