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At the risk of getting all corny, why don’t you pop into our online casino for some steaming hot fun with Pop Bingo. A night out at the Bingo is always a great time, you can sit with friends and play a few great games, but sometimes we get an urge to play and the bingo hall is too far away, or closed, or worst of all, doesn’t serve popcorn! Well you won’t have any worries here as we are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week and we always have hot, freshly popped popcorn on hand. In fact we have so much of it, it has become part of the gameplay! Get comfortable and settle down to a great time playing bingo right here on your computer screen, it’s so much fun to play you’ll be exploding with excitement.

Bingo mad for this hot game!

Bingo is a game played on pre-printed cards containing numbers. Each player has a different card and the numbers are marked off as the caller selects random balls. It is a hugely popular game played around the world, and was once considered to be a game for old ladies, however now it’s really trendy and everyone can have a thrilling time playing. The first mention of the game was in Italy in 1530, by the 1700s it had moved to France and the calling out of numbers was added. Bingo is played everywhere, from fancy casinos to church halls and living rooms around the world. In Italy, it’s a classic game played on Christmas day after lunch! It doesn’t matter if you’ve never played a game of bingo in your life before, or if you can’t count the amount of games you’ve played, you will have a fantastic time playing Pop Bingo. We even offer a free bonus to welcome people playing our online casino games for the first time.

Buttery smooth gameplay.

There’s not much to playing Pop Bingo, but its friendly graphics and fun gameplay make it as delicious as the popcorn popping away in the background. You are given a card (which you can change as many times as you like) and then the game of bingo starts. The jackpot depends on the amount of pops needed for you to clear your card, the fewer the better of course, but don’t worry, everything is clearly laid out for you on the screen so you can see exactly what you’ll be winning. Pop Bingo is just one of a great selection of arcade games, take a look inside, you are sure to find something that will suit your tastes!


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