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Sometimes the strangest combinations work together to make the most amazing things. From ham and pineapple pizza to chocolate covered pretzels to the clockwork radio to the camera phone sometimes being bold and combining two unrelated things can have enormous success! Well, we are not afraid to try new things here in our online casino and for your gameplay pleasure we have created Pinball Roulette! This is a game with all the variety and betting options of roulette, with the flashy showmanship of pinball. If you can’t decide if you want to go out or eat in, or if you are one of those people who takes ages in deciding what to eat, then this is the game for you! Don’t choose, play both at the same time!

Pinball wizard

Both Pinball and roulette are games with long histories. It might surprise you to know that pinball is, in fact, the older game, it was invented in France in the 1700s and predates Roulette, that other great French game by about 100 years! Still, our neighbours across the channel certainly knew what they were doing back then, and both games have been immensely popular ever since their inventions. Whether you are a regular visitor to casinos or not, you can’t fail to recognise the classic red and black of the roulette wheel along with the green baize of the betting table. Well, it’s all here recreated faithfully in pinball form! Come and see for yourself what it’s like playing two classic games at the same time. We are also happy to be able to offer new players a free welcome bonus that can be used with all our online casino games.

Great hybrid gameplay

Pinball Roulette is a fun mix of games available right now on our arcade games page. It will appeal to anyone who loves roulette but wants something a little cheekier as the bouncing ball and beeps and flashes of pinball add an extra dimension to this age old game. The betting system is exactly the same as with roulette, you can bet on numbers, colours and more, the only difference is that instead of a wheel, the game is played on a pinball table! If you don’t know what sort of game you’d like to play, or if you are a fan of either game, then this will be like a breath of fresh air for you, come and see this fantastic winning combination for yourself!


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