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It’s every fan’s worst nightmare, the game is still a draw after extra time, the whistle blows and the players get ready for a Penalty Shootout to decide the winners. The players are tired, nervous, anything could happen with the world watching. The pressure mounts as the striker steps to the penalty spot, he’s been training for this moment, but time seems to slow down. The seconds tick by as every man, woman and child watches in hushed excitement. A goal could mean celebrations all round, a miss could lose the game, it’s only the keeper to beat, and with any luck you’ll win the psychological battle and send him the wrong way. It’s time, choose where you will kick the ball and hope for the best in this intense and thrilling addition to our online casino selection.

He shoots, he scores.

The Penalty Shootout was adopted by FIFA as a way of deciding the outcome of a football match in June 1970. Before then, knockout matches that were still drawn after extra time were decided by a coin toss, drawing lots or a replay. The very first English match to be won this way was in 1970 and was between Hull City and Manchester United, footballing legend George Best was the first professional player in the UK to ever take a shot in a shootout. These days we are used to a game going to penalties and love them or hate them, they are here to stay. Now you can experience the pressure, the pleasure and the pain of penalties for yourself, right here! Don’t forget that new players will receive a free welcome bonus that can be used with any of our online casino games.

Beat the keeper.

Penalty Shootout is a tense, thrilling online game that will have you taking the place of a star striker trying to beat the keeper in a series of penalty shots. You can choose from 5 different shots to take, each one with different odds, place your bet and try to beat the keeper! The game will keep a record of the keeper’s previous saves so you can choose for yourself the best strategy to beat him. If you are new to arcade games, then this is a perfect place to begin, the gameplay is simple but effective and the game can be played as quickly or as slowly as the player likes. The Penalty Shootout is a battle of wits between the goalie and the striker and you can experience all that emotion right now with just a single click.


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