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Go up against the terrible Gorgon Medusa in this stunning arcade game found in our exclusive online casino. Many heroes have tried to beat her but have been turned to stone by her terrible magical gaze. Enter her creepy castle and try to forget that all those statues were just like you once. She is the keeper of fantastic treasures for those who can beat her. It’s going to take cunning, bravery and luck to be able to walk away after playing this game. We will transport you to ancient Greece as you take part in one of the most famous myths in all history. Medusa is looking forward to seeing you, so just click and play, but don’t forget, it’s rude to stare.

A stone cold classic

Medusa is a winged woman with a hideous face and living poisonous snakes instead of hair. She is one of the Gorgon sisters and a famous monster from Greek mythology. eventually, she was beaten and beheaded by Perseus who kept her head and used it as a weapon against his enemies. One look from Medusa would literally turn men into stone. Come with us now and relive myths and legends in this thrilling, exciting arcade game. While I am sure that it would definitely help if you were a Greek hero, but even mere mortals can enjoy themselves with Medusa’s gaze. Before beating Medusa, Perseus received some gifts from the gods to help him, a mirrored shield, a helmet of invisibility and winged sandals. Of course, we can’t offer you any of those, but we can help by offering new players a free 100% up to $







/€400 (plus 200 free spins) Bonus that can be used with any of our online casino games we don’t want any of our players turning to stone, after all.

Keep an eye on the prize!

Medusa’s Gaze is an exciting, fun adventure that will have you using her famous properties to win prizes. As with all of our arcade games, you will be wowed by the realistic graphics and animations on offer, you will feel as if you really are in Medusa’s dungeon trying to win her fabled treasure. The gameplay is simple, set a bet and click play, the different rings of coloured blocks will spin and then stop, any blocks that fall within the Medusa’s Gaze and are connected in lines of three or more will be zapped away by the medusa and you will win! As she destroys blocks new ones will come into place creating the possibility of combos with prize multipliers. The best way to imagine the gameplay is like those incredibly popular colour matching games that people love playing, the difference here being that you can win real prize money. Come play this fantastic game that’s enough to stop anyone in their tracks!


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