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Darts may just seem like a pub game to some but it has transformed itself into one of the great TV sports thanks to the introduction of razzamatazz at big events. Darts has certainly experienced some rollercoaster times. In the 1970s, it was extremely popular and was all about fat-bellied men occasionally wearing thick-rimmed spectacles and drinking lots of beer throwing darts at a board that was possibly out of focus! The game fell out of favour in the 1980s, but has grown in status since the mid-1990s. Glamour and fun are back and the sport is now played in front of massive audiences. Music accompanies the sexy walk-on girls and an audience that just loves to arrive in fancy dress lifts the atmosphere. And the Jackpot Darts arcade game is no exception. If you’re interested in the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune then online casino can help you hit the bull’s eye.

Board meeting is a pleasure

Jackpot Darts is all about guessing the outcome of where three darts are going to land on the board. That may not sound too taxing but darts has never been a game in which exertion plays a major part! However, there are many possible combinations to keep players at the oche for a long time and we are also throwing in a progressive jackpot too. Win that and you really have hit the bull’s-eye! But the main game involves betting on where the arrows are going to land and there are seven different types of bet to consider. The first three involve guessing how many darts will land in the singles, doubles or trebles sections. A player can also predict whether a throw will hit the outer bull area or the bull’s-eye - the centre of the board. It is possible to bet on the range of totals for the three darts thrown which are named as low, mid or hi. Finally, one can guess which singles sector the darts will land in up to a maximum of five and which would constitute just one bet. It’s a great sport, a great game and requires no fitness either! To help you get in shape we are throwing in 100% up to $/€400 (plus 200 free spins) as a free bonus to newcomers at online casino games.

Hit the bull’s-eye and land the jackpot

There is also a progressive jackpot to accompany the game. Opt in by clicking on the Jackpot button which means you have placed an extra bet. Get one dart in the outer bull or bull’s-eye section and you win x20 your stake, get two in either section and it’s x2000, but get all three in one of these areas and it’s jackpot time! Make a dart for this much-loved game at online arcade games and you could hit the bull’s-eye in more ways than one!


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