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One round of golf with two friends at the local club and there is nothing to separate all three players. Your neighbour led by a hole after the 16th, your best mate took the next, but on the 18th you produce the putt of your life, holing with a double-breaking 25-footer to leave you all equal on six points each. Over a few drinks in the clubhouse discussion turns to how the winner can be decided. An arm wrestle? Too strenuous. Best joke? Too subjective. And then after a third beer someone comes up with the ideal solution - a game of Heads or Tails! What could be simpler than tossing a coin to settle the score! Flex those thumb muscles because you’ll need to be in peak condition for some serious flipping in this easy-to-play arcade game at online casino!

Get ahead in tails of the unexpected

Nothing could be simpler than the rules to this game which involves the ancient art of tossing a coin. The screen shows our three golfers gathered around a table going over the day’s play with their clubs in the background, thumbs at the ready to determine the winner. The first thing you must do before the action gets under way is decide the stake you wish to use. Once that’s out of the way your next decision is to choose whether you think the gold coin will land on heads or tails. Then it’s time to click on the ‘Flip x1’ button to determine whether you’re a winner or not. You’re already on to a winner if you are new to online casino games because you will receive 100% up to $/€400 (plus 200 free spins) welcome bonus upon registration which you are free to use at any of the games at

Double up in Heads and Tails

Although the game is an uncomplicated one it does contain a couple of extra features. You will notice that on the left-hand side of the screen there are x1 and x2 buttons underneath the history column. The x2 function allows players to bet on the outcome of two flipped coins so that you can choose between three possible combinations: heads-heads, tails-tails or heads-tails. Because the chances of guessing this correctly are more difficult the odds are increased. Additionally, players do not have to restrict themselves to playing single games using the ‘Flip x1’ button. The ‘Flip x2’ and ‘Flip x3’ functions allow players to predict the same outcome on single or double coins either two or three times in a row at enhanced odds. Sometimes it pays to keep it simple, but at online arcade games we have enough variety to ensure there is something for everyone.


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