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For many football fans around the world, Saturday afternoon is a sacred time. Those couple of hours when your team is playing and you are unable to get to the game can be very intense. You listen to the radio while watching the goal flashes go in on your television screen, but the blood pressure shoots up when there are only a few minutes to go and the team you support are a goal down, or maybe a goal up. Perhaps the game is tied and one of your players has been sent off and the opposition are pressing forward in search of a winner. The only time you are put out of your misery is when Final Score, a popular service from a major broadcaster in the UK, delivers the full-time results. You can now get involved in the excitement any day of the week thanks to online casino.

Shoot to thrill in classic arcade experience

Final Score is essentially a game that simulates the fixed-odds coupon. Those familiar with sports betting will know there is a wide range of markets available for individual matches and some of these are replicated here. For example one can predict the three possible outcomes of a game between two teams that you have chosen or that have been selected randomly. You may also get involved in the correct scoreline market at greater odds. There is also a market for total goals, so one can bet on under two goals, exactly two goals or over two goals. However, there are four special markets too involving missed and scored penalties, plus the potential for an injury-time goal or even a red card. It’s like Championship Manager has hit the arcade scene! Go for victory with online casino games and win more than three points! And don’t forget about the free 100% up to $/€400 (plus 200 free spins) welcome bonus too.

Get behind your team and net some cash

In Final Score you can pick two teams from a particular league to play against each other. Once that is done you must decide which bets you would like to place bearing in mind that you can place several bets on the available outcomes. For example, you can bet on Man Red simply to beat Man Blue, and that there will be over two goals, with a penalty thrown in too! Once you’re done, click on Bet, sit back and cheer on your team over a quickfire 90 minutes. Should your side emerge victorious you can double your winnings on the result of a penalty - miss and your winnings disappear too. Final Score is one of the best online arcade games on the market and is a must for football fans, but we have hit the target with so many other sports-related games. Click on the above link to check them out.


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