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There is so much entertainment to choose from at online casino that it can be slightly overwhelming knowing which game to play. Roulette, blackjack and video poker are widely available in various formats but dice also features as one of the options at So, if you fancy getting on a roll then you should take a chance with Dice Twister. This great game is a variation on Craps but the difference is that there are three dice instead of two and there are also multiple betting options to maintain your interest and keep your brain in peak condition. See if Dice Twister has your number by giving it a shake, rattle and roll.

Shake and make a fortune

Dice Twister is a colourful and brassy arcade game which has something for everyone. You can either keep it simple or get involved in some of the more complicated options. Three large dice appear in the middle of the lilac-coloured screen and these form the focal point of the game. There are four kinds of bets involved in Dice Twister and they are as follows: exact totals; ranges; one, two and three of a kind, and odds and evens. However, don’t just think there are four gambling options in Dice Twister because there are nearly 30 possibilities on which to place your stake. Random numbers have never been so exciting and in the hands of online casino games we’d like to think rolling the bones has become one hell of a rattling ride - and newcomers get a 100% up to $/€400 Bonus (plus 200 free spins) as a reward!

Dice Twister a real number cruncher

Before you roll the dice you must decide which kind of bet you want to place. With an exact total you are guessing what the sum of the three dice will be. The most popular are 10 and 11 which pay 7.75:1, but four and 17 generate a 70:1 pay-out. However, you can also wager on a range of aggregate totals which pay out at lower odds. The three options are classified as low (3-8), medium (9-12) and high (13-18). The respective odds for each wager are x3.75, x2 and x3.75 your stake. The third type of bet involves one, two and three of a kind. Pick a number at the bottom of the screen and you will be paid out at x2, x3 or x15 if it appears once, twice or three times after a roll. Finally, there is the odds or evens bet. This involves placing a bet on whether you think the dice will turn up all odds, all evens or a mixture of the two. Should they be all odds/evens the pay-out is 7.75:1, but a combination is x1.25. Variety is always the name of the game at online arcade games so give the other games a whirl. They’ve got your number on them.


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