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Everyone loves a day at the horse races but when one of the big meetings comes around it’s sometimes difficult to get your hands on a ticket. Even if you do, fighting your way through the crowds and getting to the bar are hopeless tasks. Worry no longer because Derby Day is here to solve your problems and save you a bit of cash on having your suit dry-cleaned! Derby Day is a fixed-odds virtual horse race which has an old-school feel. Years ago the mechanical version of this game proved popular in amusement arcades dotted around UK seaside towns. Well, that game has been resurrected as an online arcade experience but the improvements are manifold. If you like a flutter on the nags then Derby Day could be the game for you, but there are so many sports-related games at online casino we’re sure we’ve got it all covered.

Pick a winner on Derby Day

Derby Day is not just a run-of-the-mill virtual horse-racing experience because unlike the old days there is so much more to it. You can also study form, the going and the weather! The screen presents six horses and their jockeys on the left-hand side of the screen and each one has a points value - the lower it is the higher the payout. If you want to see more info click on the horse and digest its form. It’s possible to compare two horses simultaneously like a proper punter! Once you’ve weighed up the ins and outs it’s time to think about your bet but don’t worry, the race won’t start without you because you are in control, just like you are with any of our online casino games. Get under starters’ orders and take a look and we’ll see you at the winning post!

Place your bets please!

To make Derby Day even more interesting there are five types of bet for you to consider. There is the usual straight winner bet, but there is also an ‘Exacta’ in which you pick the horses to finish first and second at increased odds. You can put on a ‘Place’ bet in which you predict a horse will finish in the top two or go for a ‘Show’ wager in which you think your horse will finish in the top three. With these two bets you can bet on more than one horse. The toughest bet is predicting the exact places of either four of five horses which offers very big odds. Once your bet is placed there’s no need for binoculars, just sit back and watch the toing and froing of the horses as they race towards the winning post. You’re going to love this retro game with a modern twist but don’t forget to check out the other online arcade games we have to offer.


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