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Darts is one of those glorious games that have become popular throughout the world, but especially in the United Kingdom. Most pubs can be found with a dartboard tucked away in the corner somewhere and most of us have memories of a night throwing arrows from the oche with a group of friends. The number of fans of the sport is growing each year thanks to the TV coverage from both world championships which take place in December and January. Now, you can get involved in a piece of the action with this great online arcade version which combines a retro feel with modern-day graphics to suit everyone’s taste! If you enjoy throwing tungsten then you will get maximum enjoyment from Darts as well as the other great sports-related games we have at online casino.

Throw your weight behind this pub classic

The aim of the game is to guess in which sectors the three darts will land. If you have played darts before you will know that the board is split up into different sections. There are 20 numbers arranged in a particular way and within the parameters there is a single ring, which makes up the main body of the dartboard. There is a double ring, which is the outermost part of the board, and a treble ring which is the middle strip that divides the single sector into two parts. The middle of the dartboard is made up by the green area which is the outer bull (25 points) and the red section which is the inner bull or bull’s-eye (50 points). Firing a dart into the single section is worth the value of the number on the outermost black section of the board. The double ring is worth twice that figure and the treble is three times the number. You will be on a maximum high at online casino games where you will always hit the bull’s-eye whatever you play.

Darts options are three and easy

Once you’ve got to grips with the lay-out it’s time to place a wager and there are three options from which to choose. The simplest is guessing whether any of the three darts will land in the single, double, treble, inner or outer bull areas. The second involves predicting how many times the darts will land in the colours or rings in a combination bet. The third allows you to guess the range of the aggregate score of the three darts. On top of these types of bet there is also a gamble feature in which you can double your bet or even triple it if you land the bull’s-eye. We’re sure you’ll soon be the chairman of this board game so make a dart for online arcade games and check out what else we have available.


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