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This is a game that will take you back to those days of sitting in your bedroom playing on your home computer! Even though in game graphics have become super realistic these days, there’s nothing quite like the amazing gameplay of early home computer games. Games of the time were super hard but had that fantastic ‘just one more go’ quality that could keep you playing well past bedtime, or make you close the curtains and ignore the beautiful sunny day outside as you played. Come and take a trip back in time with this nostalgic addition to our online casino collection that will have you experiencing the golden age of home computer all over again!

If you build it, they will come

Sometimes the most amazing things come from the most surprising of places. Cash Blox is, of course, based on one of the most popular video games of all time, Tetris. Tetris was a surprise hit game that was invented in 1984 by a soviet computer scientist. Somehow the game made its way to Western Europe and from there managed to conquer the world! There are versions of the game for virtually every computer system and you can play on your computer, telephone, TV and even on keyrings and pocket calculators, people just can’t get enough of the intense, rewarding gameplay. We pay tribute to this classic with Cash Blox and you can relive all the excitement you first had playing this legendary game. We are happy to reveal that new players to our site will receive a free welcome bonus that can be used with any of our online casino games, so just click and play.

There’s nothing puzzling about this game

Cash Blox is a brilliant new gaming option in our extensive arcade games collection. The bright and colourful retro graphics and sound effects will be sure to delight and the thrills and excitement of the gameplay will just build and build as you play. The aim of the game here is to predict and bet on the outcome of games of block building. You can bet on single, double, triple or quadruple scoring lines and there is even the chance for free games! The gameplay is simple but exciting and you will have a lot of fun stacking blocks, and hopefully stacking winnings too! Come and play a brilliant version of a legendary video game classic that everybody knows and loves.


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