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Oh, there’s nothing quite like a night out bowling, from teenagers celebrating birthdays, first dates or serious league matches the bowling alley is always a popular destination. The race is on for the first person to get a strike or a spare, at least, failing that just do your best to keep the ball out of the gutter! This game has fun to spare but rest assured you won’t be asked to split any of your winnings, they are all for you. Before I cross the line I’ll just say that nothing can keep you from playing Bonus Bowling in our online casino, even if you are leagues away from your nearest alley and there's a strike on, with us you won’t even have to step foot out of the door, just rest those pins, click, and play this spin on a perfect game.

Get ready to be bowled over

The game of bowling has a history that dates back thousands of years, but the modern form of ‘American’ bowling was in fact brought to the U.S. by German immigrants during the colonial era. The Germans loved a game of 9 pin bowling called ‘Kegel’, which soon caught on in their new home and with the addition of an extra pin 10 pin bowling was born. Since then it has exploded in success, with bowling alleys springing up almost everywhere, in fact, the game is so popular that it has even made it to television and Hollywood movies. Bonus Bowling is a perfect game for anyone who loves this classic sport and don’t worry if you are not an expert, this isn’t a league match. Beginners are welcome and in fact, new players will receive a free welcome bonus that can be used in any of our online casino games.

Keep a steady hand

Bonus Bowling is a fantastic bowling game that can be found in our arcade games collection. the amazing realistic graphics and sound effects will make you feel like you are right there in the bowling alley, and the fun and easy gameplay will have you playing round after round. Here you won’t be bowling yourself, but instead betting on what you think the outcome is for each round. So you can see it doesn’t matter if all you can throw are gutter balls, you will have a great time playing Bonus Bowling.


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