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Quickly! Pack your bags, it’s time to embark on a whistle-stop journey Around the world! There has been a wager, can you make it around the globe by means of land, sea or air? Based upon a certain Victorian gentleman and his famous circumnavigation of the globe, this fantastic arcade game will have you making tough decisions and hopefully winning prize money along the way. See the world in the breathtaking breakneck journey, but don’t worry, you won’t need your toothbrush on this voyage as the entire journey is right here in our online casino. That’s right you won’t have to worry about the water or pickpockets or anything like that as you can play right here, right now without even setting a foot outdoors! Perfect for the armchair traveller.

Don’t forget your toothbrush!

Ahh, the open road, there’s nothing quite like it, The promise of adventure around every turn, how exciting! Part of the fun of travelling is never knowing quite what you’ll see next, the route stretches ahead of you with so many possibilities, you’ll have to be ready to decide exactly what to do if you don’t want to cut your expedition short. Often success or failure is based on a simple decision, and you will be making many of them in this intense, but simple and above all, immensely fun game. Travelling can be expensive, but don’t worry we are happy to be able to offer new players a free welcome bonus that can be used on any of our online casino games. Whether you are a seasoned globetrotter or haven’t even been to the next town you will find plenty to love as you go on your Around the world adventure.

Return journey

Around the world is an exciting and fun game based on the theme of an international adventure. In this stylish game option in our thrilling arcade games collection, you will attempt to travel from London to Paris, New York, China and back to London again to win a fantastic award! To do this you must play a roulette-style game, where on every spin of the wheel you must decide if the next number is going to be higher or lower, you’ll have just one chance to make a mistake, so make those choices count and see if you have what it takes to see the world and come back all the richer for it!


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